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Fumihiro "FOO" Kanegae

Foo is a Fukuoka native at his very best, formerly the Ramen Master at Ippudo with a broad repertoire of skills honed in Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture, Shanghai, Paris and New York. 

Kanegae also studied bread-making in France, under Houlliot Andre, the third apprentice of the world-famous professor of baking, Raymon Calvel. This foundation has given him added insight into working with flour, especially for the noodle-making process.

At Ippudo, Kanegae crafted over 600 types of ramen varieties, a vast majority bearing traditional Japanese flavor profiles, but he is taking a different approach at Karazishi Botan, as the menu reflects not only influences of Japanese cuisine but also that of his own inimitable style influenced by New York's culture.

a man cooking in a kitchen preparing foodphoto by Dan Ichimoto